Affectionately called organic SEO, Search Engine Optimization is hailed as the gift that keeps on giving – for as long as you keep it replenished. And that’s precisely what our affordable SEO services can do for you. 

As a leading SEO Company, we ensure your website complies with the demands of Google’s Algorithms. By playing the SEO game, you’re showing Google that your website contributes to the internet in a positive way and that you will give web visitors a fruitful experience when they visit your domain. If your content is insightful and easy to understand, half the game is won. Along with that, you should update your website regularly and adhere to a few slightly more technical guidelines, which we handle on your behalf. 

BOOM! Just like that, your website gets indexed, well-ranked, and displayed to your potential customers in their search results. 

Now, your business gets web traffic, which in turn improves your SEO, and your sales go up, your authority grows, and you’re making money. 


…But wait (there’s more)

Before you get too excited – this is a long-term game. When we mentioned that our SEO is the gift that keeps giving, we meant that as long as you’re utilizing SEO services on an ongoing basis, you will be working towards abundance. It takes Google at least 12 weeks to index any changes. From there, they need time to monitor your commitment. Our organic SEO services truly is a long term investment. Looking for an instant hop-skip-jump towards success? Try our Pay Per Click service while you tend to your SEO in the background. 

How does Brand Rebel tackle SEO?

Our SEO services start with a few basic steps:

  1. Defining the search experience your potential customers go through – from the top of the funnel to the bottom. 
  2. We do a little research – nothing shady – we dig into Google’s pool of resources to discover where your dream clients hang out when they’re online. We look into which resources they trust and, most importantly, what content they’re searching for. How do you satisfy a need without knowing exactly what that need is? Now you’re getting it. Content is all about satisfying people’s needs for information, and content goes hand-in-hand with SEO. 
  3. Now, using the information we’ve dug up, we will start laying the foundations to getting your brand to rank higher. 
  4. As Google’s algorithms change (again) we fine-tune our approach and change our steps to match the newest requirements. This keeps us a step ahead of the dance! 


Off-page SEO is a process of building paths across the internet to lead back to your website. You’re basically laying out a yellow brick road so web visitors can find their way to your website (more about that in our Content section). 

On-page SEO ensures your website complies with Google’s criteria for a visitor-friendly website. If you imagine Google to be a tour operator, your website is a destination. On-page SEO is the process that ensures the destination is wheel-chair friendly, well-attended by staff, and clean and pleasant before the tour guide brings tourists to your destination. On-page SEO is predominantly performed on the back end of your website, so you won’t necessarily see any differences. It simplifies the code, making it easier for Google to read.