Post your way to Popularity

Everyone is online, and for the majority of the time, they’re scrolling through social media sites. Social media is where everyone hangs out – the cool kids and the nerds – so, is it any wonder this has become one of the most rewarding marketing platforms? Here’s how our social media agency can help.

Not only are we able to broadcast our message and reach millions of people instantly, but you’re also able to track the efficacy of each campaign. Understanding the lifecycle of an advert as it turns into a sale is paramount in your future planning. Social media allows you to track each lead and see where you’re losing your sales and where you’re winning. 

Obviously, you need some expertise to understand these insights and craft campaigns that are better, stronger, and geared for a return on investment. That’s why you need an SMM agency like Rise Effect. 

The Rise Effect Social Media Service

Did you know that more than 75% of Facebook ad budgets are wasted? We were as shocked to read that as you are. But the truth is, navigating the world of Facebook advertising takes time and expertise. 

And then you have the ever-changing Facebook algorithms, making it harder for people to see business posts. Do you know how to roll with the punches and keep your social presence top and center? We do. 

We recommend a slightly rebellious approach to monetizing your social media marketing. A good dose of organic posts supplemented with targeted adverts. We believe balance is key. Finding the optimal balance for your unique brand? Sometimes, it takes a little trial and error before we find the true sweet spot where you’re making money and building brand awareness at the same time. 

What to Expect from Rise Effect Social Media Marketing Services:

  • Creating, designing, and publishing your social media posts
  • Strategy, planning, spend management, and reporting
  • Organic social media marketing posts
  • Paid social media posts
  • Targeted advertising campaigns
  • Community management (responding to inquiries)
  • Promotions and competitions

No question about it, you HAVE to have a strong solid presence on social media. But with over 2.32 billion worldwide users on Facebook and over 800 million on Instagram, how do you make sure your content reaches the right audience? And which social media marketing platform works best for YOUR brand? Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? YouTube? LinkedIn? 

We get it. It’s a lot to take in. 

That’s why you need certified social media marketers with a proven strategy that’s built around market research. Once we understand your dream clients, we’ll be able to identify their hangouts and find them where they naturally like to be. 

We facilitate social media marketing for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Need more than that? Welcome to Influencer Marketing

Do you know those raving reviews? The ones that gush about your brand? They’re pretty good for business, right? Because other people read them and decide to try you out. Influencer marketing leverages this powerful tool. 

An influencer is someone with a massive following on social media. You have influencers in almost any niche – so if you’re considering this avenue, there’s bound to be an influencer with a following that contains your target audience. All we have to do is ask them to promote your brand. 

We’ll do the admin – sourcing a credible influencer, setting up your campaign, and monitoring the progress. We’ll finish it off with a comprehensive report of your reach, clicks, and conversions. 

Sound fancy? Le whoa. 

Let’s kick this thing off. 



Navigating the world of Facebook advertising takes time, patience, and most of all expertise. Our Social Media Marketing experts understand the nuisances of the ever-changing Facebook algorithm and our team strives to design the best marketing campaigns for your brand. With the right ad strategy, pinpoint targeting, gorgeously designed creatives, and constant eyes on your Facebook campaigns, our Social Media Advertising Agency can help you stop wasting your ad dollars. We know how to put the right kinds of advertising in the right places on Facebook and create great results for your brand. Let us build the right custom audiences based on which type of users will generate the biggest profit for your brand. From initial set up to scaling up with sales funnels that capture new and lost leads, our Facebook campaigns are designed to convert, time and time again.


No question about it, you HAVE to have a strong solid presence on social media today, but what social media platform works best for YOUR brand? Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? YouTube? LinkedIn? Don’t sweat it, the experts in our Social Media Marketing agency live and breathe social media and we will customize the right social media strategy that is custom designed for YOU. At Rise Effect, we place the emphasis on the unique values of your brand and create social media campaigns that actually work! With over 2.32 billion worldwide users on Facebook and over 800 million on Instagram, how do you make sure your content is seen and reaches the right audience? The only way to stand out from the competition is by providing highly valuable, buzzworthy, and of course shareable content. At Rise Effect, we don’t just create the buzz, we create action.


Elevate your brand with the power of influencer marketing. We all know that rave reviews and people telling the story of your brand can be one of the most powerful marketing tools a brand can have, but how do you find the right influencer for your brand? Let our experts handle the muddy waters of influencer marketing for you. Understanding the difference between a micro-influencer vs a macro, ensuring that the influencer is creditable as well as reliable, and creating a campaign that has people buzzing is what we are all about! Let’s begin the storytelling process together, shall we?

From defining campaign goals and objectives, to content creation all the way to complete campaign execution, we have you covered 100%. Don’t simply choose any influencer and hope for the best, when we can do it the right way and deliver amazing results. Understanding the data of how your social posts are performing is the key to scaling and that is what we do best. We deliver monthly reporting so you are always in the loop.